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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thurston Harris - Be Baba Leba

Thurston Harris is know as a one hit wonder from the sunny state of California. He scored a whopping million seller with Little Bitty Pretty One, after which not much happened. Not for the lack of great singles though. Be Baba Leba sounds so irresistible that it should have been another million seller.

The record opens a bit tame, with a few rather fruity back up singers. But as soon Thurston storms in it's a rave. Thurston Harris shows he could be a furious shouter and translates the joy of this fine 45 with a fervorous fervor. Again, it is one of those places where we all have been. Just every once in a great while we all meet that one person that'll make you Be Baba Leba just at the prospect of seeing her again. Simply because that sweetness doesn't let itself describe any better than simply Be Baba Leba. So Be Baba Leba my friends!

Of course, the original in this case is by Helen Humes, in a great early jump blues version.

Thurston's version is available as a vinyl reissue. What better reason to dust off your turn table right?

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