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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arthur Alexander - A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues

To me this 45 brings back the memory of entering Rooky Ricardo’s Records in San Francisco for the first time. A record store that should be named Heaven for Record Collectors. A young man with specs big enough to function as a windshield in an open car asked me if I had a list. I did. I handed him the list hoping he would come back with one or two singles from the endless piece of paper. Instead he came back with a pile of 45’s costing $40 altogether. At that point (two years ago) the dollar wasn’t worth crap. Well, it still isn’t.

This beauty, recorded in 1961, was standing on a small display on the counter in its original Dot company sleeve. It went on my pile because of a-side “You better Move On”. But at home I realized that flipside “A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues” was an even nicer find. Alexander sings the song, almost without time to breathe, over a delicious groove. A groove that will make you stand up from your chair and start to shake your hips. The only thing I dislike about the song is the fact it fades out at 1.40 seconds. In my opinion this song should go on forever.

The song also made an appearance on The Beatles’ BBC sessions album. While listening to their version I noticed how big the comparison is with Lennon and McCartney’s “I Saw Her Standing There”. To put it stronger: they stole the riff and made it their own. Listen to both songs and judge for yourself.

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