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Saturday 30th of January, Nederland 3, Wateringen
Saturday 13th of February, De Vinger, Den Haag
Saturday 20th of March, de Trucker, Pijnacker

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paul Chaplain & His Emeralds - Shortnin' Bread

Another favorite of the Cramps. Paul Chaplain is one of those cats that sort of just popped in and out of the recording industry to leave us with that one killer record. Released in 1960, this raving version of an old folk song, is about as wild as a record ever got. The Emeralds were a band that were as Country as a band could get. They even had fiddles. I couldn't tell you where the fiddles went on this monster though. It is all wild swinging guitars and a whooping and hollering vocals on this great little disc. Unfortunately, it proved too wild for America at the time and never made it beyond the lower regions of the Billboard Top 100. Chappy, as people called Paul, released one more 45, Swinging in the Rockies. The fire burned short and fast.

Available on Theme Time Radio Hour: With Your Host Bob Dylan

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